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Pauline Rohdich


Pauline Rohdich is an Advanced RTT Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Happy For No Reason Trainer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Pauline is the creator of Just Pause, a personal development business with a mission to remind you that you have the power to change your life and improve your happiness. She works from her home in Galway, where she has her own yoga studio and private therapy practice and thanks to technology, she can facilitate clients from around the world.

Growing up, Pauline always had a strong connection to the mystical and sensed there was so much more to understand about God and spirituality than what she had been exposed to in her strict Catholic upbringing. Her background has seen her as a Garda, Air Hostess and entrepreneur in a variety of small businesses. However, her deepest desire has always been to help people become the best they can be and a major shift in direction began in her mid-thirties.

Following the first of four miscarriages, she found Reiki and energy healing and became a Reiki Master and Angel guidance practitioner. In 2008, she trained as a yoga and meditation teacher with Deepak Chopra and ran her own holistic centre in Tuam, Galway for just over three years. She since qualified as a life coach with a strong leaning towards spiritual development.

In 2017, having returned from Australia, she trained with the UK’s top therapist, Marisa Peer as an RTT Hypnotherapist, helping clients get to the root of their emotional pain and break free. She teaches her clients to collaborate with their mind so, as to create what they really want.

Recently, Pauline has trained with Marci Shimoff as a Happy For No Reason Trainer, teaching the principles of becoming happy from the inside out. Additionally, she runs workshops and retreats and speaks to corporate groups on the power of the mind and the importance of self-love and inner peace.

Pauline is committed to continual learning and self-improvement and is passionate about sharing her knowledge in a fun, inspirational and interactive way.

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