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Mary Madigan Spiritual Psychic Reader & Healer Dublin Mind Body Experience

Mary Madigan

Psychic Medium & Healer


Mary After been called to service, I found a deep connection with Archangel Michael's well in Lixnaw County Kerry. As a child, my intuitive gift was well recognised by my family. A traditional Irish family, with deep religious beliefs and convictions common with the culture of the time. A natural intuitive healer, my gifts and my understanding strengthened by my journey through Reiki. Divinely guided and challenged by life, I embarked on a voyage of self- discovery, a journey that will continue for the rest of my life. 

I have now developed a following around the country with a strong presence at the shows and my clinic's in Cork, Tralee, Limerick, Ennis, Galway, Castlebar and Dublin. Mary now offers house parties readings throughout the country and is available to come to your home for a Spiritual evening. 

Also in line with restaurants throughout the country, Mary offers An Evening with Spirit evening with supper in pleasant surroundings. (Restaurants enquire are welcome)

Enquires 087 7071587 or Text, Email: 

An evening with Spirit is coming to your area

Mary and Special guest will be hosting An Evening with Spirit night in different areas, to Hold Spaces register to sent details at 087 7071587 or Text, Email:

You can Book a one to one reading or healing session with Mary at 087 7071587, But remember will also see me at the holistic shows around the country.

Mary also accepts credit card payments.

Client Comments

Donna Wilkins  24 weeks ago My visit with Mary was great! Such a nice lady and she knew things no one else would. I felt much better after our session. I recommend you see Mary :) 

Katie woods  26 weeks ago Mary Madigan is absolutely fantastic. The first time I went to her she told me things that happened that I never even said out loud. I can't praise her enough. She's phenomenal. Whenever I see an event that she's at I make it my effort to go to see her again. Her healing also works wonders. Honestly, I can't recommend her enough. Always spot on with everything. I love her as a person and as my spiritual reader and healer. Wouldn't go to anyone else she's that amazing.

Mary Wilson  26 weeks ago Mary has an amazing gift of insight and empathy. I came from the USA to see her and meeting her was a fabulous rich experience. For anyone seeking answers, self-help, or need to connect with someone who understands you with no judgement, Mary is a great choice! She is a very special woman who was born to make a difference in others lives. I’m very careful when I seek any type of spiritual counselling. Mary was a solid, real, authentic choice. If you need help in your life, call her! She can help you❤️

Joan R  26 weeks ago I had a bad fall in 2010 and was attending 2 physiotherapist's for 7 years with neck and back pain. Neither of them could tell me why this was....1 visit to Mary and she told me my back needed to be straightened. I discovered I had slipped discs for 7 years! Mary is very gifted.

Teresa Blake reviewed Mary Madigan Spiritual Psychic Reader/Healer — 5 stars May 26 · I had a wonderful reading with Mary in 2015. She was sensitive and insightful in her reading and incredibly accurate. Mary tuned in to my connection to Archangel Michael, Padre Pio and Mother Mary. She spoke of the issues going on in my life at that time and the many resources, blessings and healing I was receiving from the universe. I felt her loving compassion surround me during our time together and light-hearted when it was finished. Mary's encouragement and blessings for my future ventures gave me courage and confidence to pursue what was in my heart. Thank you Mary x

Steve Neiland reviewed Mary Madigan Spiritual Psychic Reader/Healer — 5 stars May 26 · Truly inspirational Mary is amazing .honest and well-guided advice I found my spiritual awakening through Mary.

Margaret Coffey reviewed Mary Madigan Spiritual Psychic Reader/Healer — 5 stars May 27 · Had a reading with Mary few yrs ago. Lovely gentle lady. I was impressed with what she could tell me.

Sharon Mcgrath recommends Mary Madigan Spiritual Psychic Reader/Healer. October 14 · A very beautiful kind and gifted woman, thank you, Mary, for all your accurate advice and the time you give to everyone. You are a true healer and your devotion to the truth is one of your best qualities xxx love always, Sharon

Josephine Killeen reviewed Mary Madigan Spiritual Psychic Reader/Healer — 5 stars May 9, 2017, · Mary brought up things that I had asked for to valid for me that she was in communication with my loved one. A wonderful reading, I would highly recommend her and will, indeed, visit her again. Many thanks, Mary.

Nydia Rocha Weems reviewed Mary Madigan Spiritual Psychic Reader/Healer — 5 stars June 5 · I highly recommend her just want to say thanks again, you were spot on with so many things ...thanks mary

Lars Mc Brain recommends Mary Madigan Spiritual Psychic Reader/Healer. 11 mins · yes this woman is the real deal, a very kind and warm person and was so spot on with so many things about my life ...a real lady. just want to say thanks again, you were spot on with so many things ...thanks mary.

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