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Golden Glow Yoga College was founded in 2010 as Golden Glow Yoga. As the systems became more successful and well known, the classes grew to become a small studio, the small studio, much bigger and finally a registered Yoga Alliance International Training YAI Centre.

Now based in both Cork and Galway, its Managing Director is now affectionately known to thousands as Sri (Shri) Radha (Rad – ha) Sharon, and professionally as Dr Sri Radha Sharon O'Neill BCL Hons, PhD Yoga.

 As the Director for Yoga Alliance International in Ireland, an Ambassador for SriMa Transformational Yoga, as well as a member of the British Wheel of Yoga, under her guidance, the college GGYC trains an average of 50 Hatha, Transformational and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teachers per year in Ireland. The ethos of Golden Glow Yoga College is a beautiful Yogic love story of loving-kindness given and received, hard work and commitment.

We specialize in training yoga teachers. We believe Yoga Teachers can be 'hardcore' in discipline, and yet loving and compassionate. Yoga Alliance International Founder and President Swami Vidyanand has personally validated the work of Dr Sri Radha Sharon. Her initial teacher training qualifications began with a 300hr Diploma with Marie Quail and Yoga Alliance in 2004. She continued to teach classes in Cork for over 10 years, however, the years of training and practice took her studies to progress further in Southern India in 2012 and the teacher training and advanced study programs at GGYC reflect that work.

Sri Radha Sharon was awarded her Grand Master in Yoga Therapy in 2014, in addition to YAI 200hr and 500hr Teacher training completed Swamiji. Sri Radha Sharon was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate for Yoga in 2017.

DR Sri Radha