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Gerry Brown

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I am a spiritual healer, teacher and a sensitive. Brought together with my twin flame, in April 2003, to do this work. I host healing clinics nationwide. In the busy lives that we live, we are constantly under pressure and rarely get time to reflect on who we are. Imprisoned by conditioned habits, low self-esteem and inner judgements. We can become prisoners in our own lives. Freeing ourselves from grief, anger and anxiety and re-empowering yourself can help us to live happier more productive lives. This is the kernel of healthy living, personal freedom and free will. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

You can see Gerry at the shows with the Aura Imaging Camera as he takes you through the colours of the energies around your body, hell reflect bar why they are the way they are, Awareness gives you a chance to grow and change your life, Gerry is also an Aura-Soma colour therapist and is available for aura soma colour consultations.

Gerry is going to be back at some of the shows with a range of crystals, you would have seen him behind the crystals for many years and we look forward to seeing him at selected shows.

To book an appointment with Gerry at one of his clinic’s in Dublin, Cork, Tralee, Limerick, Ennis, Galway, Castlebar, please text your name and location to 087 4160056, there can be awaiting time but just be patient he gets back to you.