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Dr Christopher Freeland



If harmony and health form the focus of your efforts here on earth, you know that Nature holds the key to most situations. Christopher shares the fruit of fifty plus years of research and experimentation, the following is available

The FDV (Freeland Double Vortex), a unique geometric form to alter the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the metabolism (human and animal – perhaps plants too). It cannot saturate unlike all other similar devices and does not need to be recharged or cleaned. 2 models for every budget.

The Atlantis symbol: a very powerful form of psychic protection. Silver ring, leather belt and paper version.

The Alkalizer – the Vitalizer – the Spiralizer: geometric forms, laser-engraved in wood or in paper form, that do weird and wonderful stuff.

Removal of geopathic stress using easily applied medieval architectural principles.

Spirit release in person or at a distance.

Realaxation®, a unique method to consciously move out of the fight-or-flight nervous mode into the energy-restoring parasympathetic.

Pendulum readings to help find solutions to life issues.

Orgone Accumulator to work some serious magic!

Aquadyn water purification systems.

Books by yours truly: Embracing the Sublime, autobiography; Sanskrit-English philosophical wordlist; The Way of the Skeptic (author’s research and solutions); The Last Word, a Sanskrit translation of an 11th-century text on Vedanta.

Courses and workshops on radiesthesia, biomagnetism and alternative avenues.

Dr. Christopher Freeland