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Anne-Marie Slavin - Medium Dublin Mind Body Experience

Anne-Marie Slavin

Psychic Medium & Healer


I am a physical psychic medium/healer. The nature of my abilities means my abilities are a physical medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, remote viewer, channeler and reiki master teacher. I bring the two world to blend by bringing force your loved ones in spirit to give you proof that they are here with you and give you guidance for the coming year.

Angel grace and all of the angelic realm assists me to guide you to clear knowing of prophecy. They assist me in opening the floodgates so that you may receive answers and predictions and outcome for your highest good with divine intent for 12 months.

With divine intent, everything you ask of me will have an answer.

“You must remember that: “We are versatile and flexible. We work with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual materials available to us in whatever place we happen to be. We allow others to see our creative experiments. We communicate our changing, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and perceptions.

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